Wednesday, April 12, 2017

A Busy Day

Rain. Rain, rain, rain but yesterday was spectacular. In some places around town it was seventeen degrees.
Marbles: Check! They arrived.
It’s 1:00 pm Wednesday and this morning a truck ran a red light and right through the sidewalk I was in and just inches from me. The driver waved at me as though I was giving him permission.
I have to say, this happens more and more. I’m of a mind to start booting these selfish, aggressive drivers.
Also this morning, I discovered I lost my VISA card. I reported it lost and then I stunned myself by actually recalling the last place I used it. Not bad for an old fogey. So I went to the gas station and they handed me a five-inch pile of left behind cards and mine was on top. I felt like I’d won the lottery.
The best thing I did today was to write to Sally. I apologized for not accepting her apology with more grace. (But I don't regret letting her know that calling someone telling the truth a liar is not right.)
But the most amazing thing about today was that I suddenly started talking without stuttering and it lasted a good long while. I’m not saying stuttering won’t come back, but I went to a store that I regularly visit and I’ve not been able to speak to the staff their for over a year, but today I spoke without a single stutter — same in the gas station and at the dentist. It certainly was encouraging.
I should be finished the marble dress (#9) — depending on how hard it is to do the Seagram’s logo on the skirt — by the end of the weekend. Then it’s on to number ten.
Of course, I am stoked about the challenge of number ten. I look forward to that sweet moment when I realize I’ve met all the technical challenges and all that remains is simple execution. I love that moment. From then on, it’s downhill; I coast to completion.
The ideas for dresses eight, nine and ten came in a rush. Number ten was a challenge but well worth the effort. Plus, number ten gives me the centerpiece for the show. It’s the dress best reflects the idea of the show and gives the show its title.
I only have two more dresses to conceptualize to have my dozen. And I have room for them in my suite; I’ve done this project without a locker or a studio!
Soon all the dresses will be done. I’ll have touching up to do and accessories to make but I’ll be able to focus on the script until production. I’ll have six months to make my one-hour script as clever as I possibly can.

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