Monday, April 17, 2017

Larry's Party

Last night was a birthday dinner party of ten at Acorn, a vegetarian restaurant. It was Larry’s surprise sixtieth party and it was a total blast. I had no problem speaking and no problems at all. I sat with Camille, which was a treat.
Allan treated us all. The party was incredible. Patti and Toni brought hats and necklaces and noisemakers and so spirits soared. It was perfect. I felt particularly pleased because I was so “normal.” If, after the Sally fiasco, it had gone badly, I’d have felt I needed to renounce party going.
And speaking of Sally… Camille went to high school with her and mentioned that a few years ago had to stop seeing Sally. I am not alone in having problems with Ms. C. 
Cipralex has virtually eliminated the spasticity in my arms. I also credit the increased dose of the drug for my success at the party last night. I’m enjoying an “I’m cured” feeling right now but just last Thursday I had an anxiety meltdown, so I know to take life day by day.
This morning I’m to meet Rich, a stranger, at 10:30 for a walk. What would make someone (Rich) get in touch with a stranger two years after meeting him (me)?  I’ll soon find out then I come back to finish skinning the marble skirt.
Nicola keeps making suggestions about what to do with my dresses and now Camille is going to read my script. I think my friends are going to prove very helpful in helping me decide what to do. Last night, Roberta asked me how much I would charge for one and she asked me if I were interested in being commissioned to make one.

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