Thursday, April 20, 2017


It’s so great to have my kitchen back! I will never flock anything ever again.
I’m still exhausted. This morning my whole body hurts as though I ran a marathon. I don’t realize as I’m working how much physical effort goes into making some of the dresses. I’m up, I’m down, over and over and back and forth and I’m very focused. Plus, the marble dress is heavy. All those marbles weigh a lot so lifting and moving the dress is work.
Today I’ll start on the cording and the last thing I will do is the logo. Then number nine will be done and I’ll rest. I’ve to make some cakes for Allan’s party and then Beth arrives.
My share of the bill to refit the exterior renovation of our building is $3,400! The elevator replacement was two grand a year ago. And the cost of car insurance floored me. Now this.

Currently in Newfoundland!

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