Thursday, April 20, 2017

Cording Done

Okay … the cording on my marble dress is done. The earliest Seagram’s bags had raised gold cord on four seams and around the top and bottom. Of late, the cord has been replaced by zigzag yellow stitching. I like the original look.  
I get so worked up over the work, I have to take a bath and change my shirt. I sweat out the anxiety of making a booboo.
When I finished I celebrated by going out and getting my new slippers — and, of course, a pastry. I celebrate all my creative achievements with sugar.
I have several days in a row alone; I love the solitude. I work all day so I’m not idle. It’s the not speaking I love, I think. My back muscles can relax.
Next: The logo. It is going to be really hard to make and to apply. Nothing I’ve wanted to do has gone undone so far, through nine dresses, so one way or another I will succeed. Deep breaths.
There’s been traffic chaos outside my condo and people, mostly male, and mostly in dark coloured clothing streaming southward all day because today is the 420 Festival (the marijuana festival) and its just blocks from my place in a park on the beach. The soundtrack of the day is sirens.

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