Tuesday, April 4, 2017

On to Plan B

It’s official. I’m not much of a walker any more.
Yesterday (Monday) was really lovely and warm but I only took a short walk. At one point, I stopped on a bench, took off my coat and got out my New Yorker. Then along came Dave. At first he seemed pleasant, but then my BS meter kept going off.
The wind on the seawall was cool but Magnolia and Cherry blossoms are exploding everywhere and the Currant bushes are particularly magnificent — they’re hybrids that outdo the natural Currants that are early-blooming members of our local flora. It’s extremely easy to get through a sunny day; I patted a generous variety of pooches today.
In the late afternoon, in glorious sunlight, I did more wire weaving on the skirt of the marble dress. My place is the most awesome workspace: There’s incredible light, a couch, a stocked refrigerator, lots of Diet Coke, marijuana, great heat, an excellent sound system, chocolate, a toilet and bags, and boxes and drawers and cupboards full of craft materials. A studio would not work for me; I need to live where I work so I have access to all my amenities.
And Wowza! At lunchtime I discovered the fabulousness that is Sciué restaurant. The staff are warm and friendly (and yesterday, handsome) and they are uniformed — the men wear ties. It’s like being in Europe. The food is simple, delicious and Italian. I’ll be going back there often.
No Boca, no doilies, no flocking and no marbles yesterday. Today I will likely finish the armature of the marble dress skirt. I’m looking forward to constructing the top part of the bag that puffs out above the golden cinching rope. Next I build the skin and undercoat it with purple tissue. That creates the surface I will flock.
Then it’s on to dress #10 while I wait for the flocking. I can do number ten to completion; I have all the materials. I have to wait to finish numbers eight and nine, but soon I’ll be finished with ten dresses. It’s amazing to me how far this has come.
I re-read the residency section of the Boca website. They mention questioning applicants as part of their assessment process but I’ve heard nothing so my intuition is telling me I’ve been unsuccessful with them. Sadly, my intuition has been a good guide all my life.
The good news is that I’ve enjoyed a lot of success with plan B.

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