Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Flocking Day

I’m flocking the logo and I’ll start flocking the skirt today too. I’ve never flocked before so I’m kind of excited like a kid with a new toy. The dress is very close to being finished, it’s scary. The final touch will be the yellow cording. It’s been a long build, this one.
Yesterday morning I went to meet Rich, the mystery man. What a disaster. He’d ask me a question and then interrupt my answer after just a few words to talk about himself. He did that three times, and he’d start talking about one thing and then move to another and then another and another. It was painful.
When he went to show me something on his phone, I noticed his screenshot is a photo of himself!
I left him and went for a walk. It was fourteen degrees and I loved being warm and listening to the birdsong. Then the rain came later but today I turned on the lights, lit some pine incense and blissfully finished the skin of the dress.
I liked the rain today. It’s lovely to be warm, dry and cozy but to have the windows wide open. The air smelt sweet and on Easter Monday; even the city was quiet.
I cancelled my dates in the PAL Theatre. It’d be too much pressure.
This morning I see Dr. Shoja before I experiment with the flocking and tonight I go to John and Bunny’s for dinner. Today is John’s seventieth birthday. It’s the second of three decade birthdays I am going to this week: Larry’s was Sunday night and Allan’s is this coming Sunday.
Then on Tuesday, my friend Beth arrives from Toronto. She’ll be here for a week then again for a few days so I’ll likely be altering the pearl dress instead of starting on dress number ten. And oh the joy… I’ve reconnected with a former high school chum, Wendy, and we are super compatible. She’s funny, bright and very creative. We’ve already had two “dates.”

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