Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Marble Dress Progress

I’m spending a fortune on marbles. I have to go back tomorrow (Thursday) and get more. It’s a great dress though. I love how it’s coming together. I’ve started on the skin of the skirt. I have to first put on a heavy paper base, let it dry, cover the base in purple tissue, allow that to dry as well and then I paint and flock it.
The final touches will be the gold braided rope borders and tie strings. That’ll be easy and lots of fun to apply. The last challenge will be the gold Seagram’s Crown Royal logo.  I may flock it, I may sew it; plans A and B.
Boca said no. That’s over. So far I’ve not felt any disappointment at all. Their past work deals with social issues and my script is pure entertainment so I’m not surprised. Nicola is passionate that my dresses “be seen,” but she thinks a simple exhibition — perhaps in a theatre costume department — is the right route. That’s something to ponder.
So now it’s back to the keyboard (after finishing the dresses). But I’m rethinking producing my show this November.
I’m glad I apologized to Sally. She called me a liar for telling a truth and I told her off. Her response to my apology has confirmed my impression that she’s some one from whom to keep my distance.

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