Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Marbles: Check; Boca: No Answer

Well… I wrote to Boca yesterday morning and so far I’ve had no response. That may be good news. I was kind of expecting a quick reply: “Oh yea, sorry. You were rejected.” It could mean they haven’t decided; it could mean that the person I wrote to wasn’t in her office yesterday and the “You were rejected” will come today.
I’ve not heard back for PAL Theatre about the theatre dates yet either. But I told them I was waiting to hear from Boca so they may be waiting for me to confirm that I actually want to book the November dates.
I spent the afternoon meandering up and down Main Street with Nicola. We had a really lovely time. I was only wearing a t-shirt it was so warm. And when I got home, the early evening light was really lovely; soft sunlight glowed through wispy high clouds making dusk warm and cozy. The night hinted at glorious warm nights to come
And the toy store called to say that my marbles were in. Lucky me. I will get them today after my morning dentist appointment. Now I have everything I need to finish dress number nine; it won’t take long to complete.
This afternoon’s project is putting the skin on skirt of dress number nine.
Dwight called yesterday morning and I was mute. I persevered, though, and soon I could say a single word, then a phrase and by the end of the call, I could speak with a thirty percent stutter. I had no trouble at all with Nicola today but tonight I am back to being mute. This morning I’m speaking well.

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