Sunday, April 16, 2017

Serious Progress on the Marble Dress

I realize walking — and taking photographs or making mini-projects of my walk — and cooking were chapters of my life. Although I’ll continue to do both activities, it won’t be with the same level of passion or obsession. My dresses are another chapter.
Today I started with finicky work on the base of the dress — I was fusing together scores of little pieces of paper intricately woven through the metal mesh of the armature. Everything went well except for the pain in my back so I raised the dress up and sat on my collapsible ladder to work and it turned out to be a great solution.
One thing led to another and I sealed the dress on one side. By the time I finish this dress — I’ve still got the flocking, yellow-border and the logo to do — I’ll likely have put sixty-to-eighty hours of work into it.
I’m at my happiest on a day like today, working quietly alone all day listening to beautiful music. It was a particularly nice Sunday because at its end, I'm cleaned up and ready for a nice dinner with friends.
(I’ve still got a long way to go; I know how awful the skirt looks right now, by the way.)

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