Friday, April 14, 2017

The Errand Walla

I need a clear mind to work. I work best when I can start with my place clean and tidy and all my errands are done. So yesterday morning I made a list of everything that was nagging at me to be done and spent the day doing all of them.
I did get a little dress work done in the very early morning hours before I went to Dr. Shoja. I took my car so I could blast over to the east side right after my appointment to get more marbles and get back home in time for lunch with Dwight.
Then I walked across town for car insurance ($1,800 for a year and I only spent $60 on gas per year) then to the chocolate store and after that to the drug store — none of them near the other. Then I went back across town to the craft store for supplies, to the hospital for blood tests and finally to the grocery store.
I came home exhausted and took a second dose of my PTSD medication. Dr. S. and I have decided to try doubling my daily intake starting yesterday and to take it twice a day instead of one large dose.
In the evening I went to the Foundation show at Emily Carr University (where I used to teach). I did not want to go but I’d promised Julien I’d meet him there and boy am I glad I did. Some of the work was spectacular and dinner with Julien was a treat. I’m smitten with the guy but he’s moving to live in Amsterdam.
Oh … And I bought a large windmill (see above) — at least I think that’s what it’s called. It’s a thing that goes around in circles when you blow on it or the wind catches it. (If it’s called something else, let me know.) The one I got is huge. I got it at the marbles store. I have mine stuck in a cut glass wine decanter. I absolutely love it; it goes round in circles in my office.
And now, with all the errands of yesterday behind me, today is all about the marble dress. I’ve awakened really early to get to it; I am so feckin happy to have all day to work — but I’ll stop at 3:30 to go to a gardening documentary that starts at 4:00. Then back to work while I watch a new TV show I love, Our Zoo, starring the fabulous Lee Inglby.
Oh, and it’s raining. In fact, the sky right now looks like the apocalypse is imminent. We’ve had as much rain already this April as we usually get in the entire month.

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