Sunday, April 2, 2017

A Normal Day

On Saturday, the sun emerged in the afternoon but I was in the theatre seeing Angels in America.
Sadly, I was disappointed in this production directed by the brilliant Kim Collier. I was surprised because it won the Pulitzer Prize and many other awards; plus, it gets rave reviews everywhere. But I found it too intellectual, too dense with gravitas — an aspect exaggerated by the scale and design of the set — a set with moving parts that in the performance I saw weren’t working properly.
The acting was fine except an actor I admire, Ryan Biel, mumbles. He needs to study diction because he is a fine actor and brilliant comedian.
I had AIDS and have HIV. I should have felt something but I didn’t. It felt too heady. However, I am glad I went. It made for an ideal day, having a stimulating adventure. I returned home happy to have the evening to do nothing.
The great thing about Saturday was subtle. I took the bus to the theatre. It was a short ride and a sunny Sunday, so it wasn’t crowded. I bought a cookie at the first intermission and during the second, I wandered up the block to Boboli, a favourite clothing store, and had a chat with a sales person who lives in my building.
So what, you think. Well, in all those interactions I never felt any anxiety or stuttered; that is profoundly significant and encouraging for me.
The Boboli conversation was full sentences and, perhaps, two minutes long and Iw as the primary speaker.
I’ve been buying sushi at Kadoya at least once every week for a year and I can barely speak to the servers there. Same with One Saigon where I go every week for lunch with Dwight. So to experience a day of easy speech and without any trouble with my arms was a delight. Really delightful! Really!
Today, Sunday, it is gorgeous and the good weather is supposed to last for a few days.

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