Tuesday, April 11, 2017

I've Written to Boca

Last night after I finished the doily dress and posted photos here on my blog, I went out to get some Diet Coke and checked my mailbox and voila: my flocking is here! It’s come like a reward.
That means I can finish dress the marble dress (#9) — well all of it except for a whack of marbles to complete the bodice. The store has ordered more but I have to wait for them to arrive. I bought out their stock.
Actual happiness has returned. I'm very happy with the doily dress and I’m excited about finishing the marble dress because I think it’s kind of funny. Having a humorous dress adds to the impact of the show overall.
Plus I get to try something new and add a new texture to the show. I’ve never flocked anything before. Because of my asthma, I have to get a special mask to wear when I do it. The serious Olympian challenge will be the Crown Royal logo, but if I can pull it off it will be spectacular.
Then it’s on to dress #10. I’ve all the materials for it. It’s a freestanding sculptural piece; one half of it contains words and phrases the owner has heard said about her by others and the other half contains words and phrases she uses to describe herself. It’s the armour dress; the dress that’s core to the whole idea of the show and from which comes the show’s title: A(r)mour: The Defiant Dress.
Other sources of bliss: The whole Sally incident is further behind me and I’m close to a clear view of how my dress project is going to end: I’ve written to Boca to find out about the residency, I’ve settled on an alternate dramaturge assuming Boca says “No,” and I’ve reserved dates in the PAL Theatre.
And, I’m going on a walkabout with Nicola today and after dress #10 I’ll be ripping the skirt off the pearl dress and replacing it with something I like much, much more. I’ve never liked the pearl dress, so I’m very happy with this idea to change it.  
I just might pull this off come November.
I have a database of ex students and I will beg Opus, my former employer, for access to their huge mailing list of visual artists. And I can pay to place ads in visual art association newsletters. I think I have options that reduce the risk of self-producing; besides, I can search for a co-producer during the summer.

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