Sunday, April 23, 2017

Two Cakes Baked

Saturday was fabulous — even with the rain. Sometimes rain is a cozy relief; I can just hunker down and enjoy being indoors whereas when it’s sunny I feel compelled to get out in it. Rainy days can be very calm and relaxing as today was.
But what made today supreme was a surprise visit from Crystal. We had drifted apart due to my illness and her mothering duties to three young people, so it was wonderful to be reunited. I am going to go over for her son, Cole’s, birthday in two weeks. I love Crystal’s family very much — her parents are a treat and her kids delight me.
After she left I made two cakes and all the frosting. I made them for Allan’s party in the later this afternoon.
Yesterday was the Surrey Vaisakhi parade and celebration. I went to the Vancouver one last weekend. Yesterday’s parade in Surrey drew four hundred thousand people! Imagine that. That’s the equivalent of the entire Sikh population in Canada; there are two hundred thousand Sikhs in BC so well over half of the participants in Surrey yesterday were not Sikhs. I love our country`
This afternoon, my two cakes and I go to Allan’s party where I’ll be seeing my friend Bruce — not my friend Bruce whom I see often and lives near me (he’s in Italy), but Bruce the movie star. Bruce has a remarkable career in film and he always has such interesting stories to tell.

From the Science March.

Us from Hubble.

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