Thursday, April 27, 2017

Beth's First Day Here

Well Vancouver surprised my friend Beth yesterday; it was a nice warm sunshiny day. The same is predicted for today and tomorrow. Hurray and lucky Beth.
Beth is visiting from Toronto. She came for a morning visit and then we took the ferry to Granville Island — she to meet a friend and to see a play matinee and I to do some grocery shopping, then home.
I did not feel good yesterday and I have no idea why. But neither do I know why I have so many myoclonic movements, spazzy arms or panic attacks. Yes, I know I have PTSD; what I mean is I don’t know why my events happen when they do. I am not conscious of the triggers.
And yesterday, I napped all morning, had my time with Beth, came home and napped some more, ate and went to bed where I was unable to sleep easily. I’ve changed so much since my breakdown.
However, when I got home from the market, it felt very good to be home. I like being home and looking out at sunshine and having no demands; alone, quiet and purposeless.
It’s almost time for our second Wholester event and I am very happy to report that I am being heartily encouraged to continue organizing our events. The idea worked; people are offering their thanks and encouragement in their responses to my emails.
My friend Beth who lives in Toronto has organized a “talking group” for women for whom English is a second language. I have organized an exercise and stimulation group for my fellow seniors. We’re both successful social animateurs. Yay!
Today I feel back to normal. I’ve a speech evaluation this morning and then I’m meeting Beth for an early afternoon walk about together in the park. Then she meets with friends and goes to another play and I come home.
Beth asked if I wanted her to read my script. I said I did, of course. And I am going to have Colin read it too; he’s a dramaturge I admire and can hire. Camille’s offhanded support for my idea has given me energy. But first, I’ll go over it once more and add two bits I think will improve it.

Monkey palm print.

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