Monday, April 24, 2017

The Easy Life

 See that dramatic canyon? It's due to the French election.
Ninety-five percent of my followers are from France.

Sunday I had whipped chocolate butter icing for breakfast. It was left over from icing the two cakes I made for Allan’s surprise party.
They were towering majestic chocolate mounds three layers tall. And they were heavy. I worried about how I was going to get the cakes to the party if it rained or if I hit the brakes while I was driving, but I got there with no problem..
Allan arrived in a limo with Larry. He had no idea about the party and was truly blown away. There were about thirty people present to sing his welcome.
I didn’t last long; I’m uncomfortable at parties. I crept out, not saying goodbye to anyone but I wrote my thanks and an explanation to Camille, Larry and Allan when I got home. There’s no place like home!
Monday I rested all morning and then I went (by subway) to Oakridge and to Crate and Barrel where I found a sofa bed I liked. (I’m considering sleeping in my living room and turning my bedroom into a studio.) Then I walked home because it was glorious and sunny!

Biofluorescent or bioluminescent plankton.

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