Sunday, April 30, 2017

Chocolate Cake

I didn’t work on my script on Saturday.
In the morning I worked on my taxes; hence my understanding of the costs of my dressmaking hobby in the last post. I was so proud of myself I had some chocolate cake.
Then it was Spring Cleaning time. I did three loads of laundry (including bleaching my bedding), washed all my floors, went grocery shopping and got some dressmaking supplies. I did ironing, tidied my closet, did some sewing and I worked on my aquarium. I was so proud of myself I had some chocolate cake.
The rain made being so responsible easy. I lit Pine incense (then Fir, then Alder) and listened to lovely music while I worked. It was a great and productive day. I had fresh sweet speckled corn on the cob for dinner. Oh … and chocolate cake.
Today the sun is back. I'm moving' slowly due to all the work yesterday. Beth is chillin’ today and I'm going to Crystal’s for her son, Cole’s, nineteenth birthday party. Cole is a charmer I’ve known his whole life; it’s a privilege to be part of his party today.
Tonight Beth comes for dinner. We’re having champagne and tortiere. Oh … and chocolate cake.

My eau de vie.

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