Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Flocking finished; Thank God!

I’m completely exhausted. Cleaning up required a Herculean effort.
I don’t think I’ve done something so messy in decades — flocking. It was everywhere. It stuck to everything. It was on my dishes, all through my spice rack and in the cupboards. I need new slippers too; I ruined my current ones.
But it’s finished and it’s decent. It ain’t fabulous, but I’m happy with it. It’s good enough and I think viewers won’t have as critical an eye about the bag texture as I do. And when the details are added, that may further distract viewers’ eyes. It definitely could have been done better, but then that’s true of every first-time paper sculptural technique and texture I’ve attempted.
I had lunch with Dwight and when I came back and looked at it after a break, it looked better. And while I was cleaning, I reflected on how much I owe Dr. Shoja. I get to talk to this wise and understanding woman about all the “weird” things that happen to me. Her acceptance of everything and her assurance are at the centre of my wellbeing right now.
Tomorrow: The braid and a start on the logo.

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