Thursday, May 24, 2018

Chez Moi, Wednesday

I have doubts about my potential with the Arts Club. I now, know, that Stephen Drover was Artistic Director at Rumble Productions. He appears to have a passion for “meaningful” plays — plays concerned with social issues. He’s an avant-garde man. My show is plebian. I actually believe I’ll be okay with disinterest on their part. It’s much simpler to have an exhibition of the ladies and their letters in the art gallery here. I’d be fine with that and then the saga of the ladies would be over.
Besides, what I dois meaningless to me since my breakdown. What I feel steers me now.
The Arts Council meeting last night was interesting. I’ve experience that could be of value to them. As with the last time I volunteered for them, it may start with a meeting with Mitch. I’ve written to him offering to begin by being a sounding board for him; he’s a novitiate producer and I’ve a veteran.
Today I’ve to get the inside of my place in order because tomorrow I go to Vancouver to see Dr. S and visit with friends. The outside is in order. Here are some photos I took yesterday.

I cut the green rug and the new garden skirting the house
is getting a good footing. Click to enlarge the photos.
My life is in the backyard which you enter via the driveway.
The various areas of my yard have names for convenience.
This is the West Meadow. Below it is my septic field.
This is a view of the yard from the courtyard.
This is the Back Meadow where my well is located.
This is The Glade. It's a shade garden under some Fir
trees. The Glade juts into my backyard.
More Glade.
The Glade viewed from the North Meadow where
I have my hammock and a few fruit trees.
This is the view out my office door window.
Looking at the studio (left), shed and part of the house
from the North Meadow.

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