Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Sandwell Park

Yes it’s sunny again but that light pales compared to the lightness I feel inside because Defiant Dressis re-written yet again. The version my friends are reading is draft four but I’ve re-written it scores of times. A draft only gets a number when it’s assessed.
If I change it again after these readers, it will remain draft four until the Arts Club reads it. After that, work begins in draft five; I pray that draft five is a collaborative re-write undertaken as part of a workshop.
I’m happy because it’s finished and reallyhappy that I feel it has potential.
I’m also veryhappy with the courtyard. Darrell came back today and continued to work on it and the three cords of sand arrived. Now achieving a flat substrate and placing the pavers a lot easier but he needs an assistant. He’s going to try to find one tonight.
Paula was up early! We chilled, went for a lovely long early morning walk in the trails and then went into the village for breakfast, shopping for dinner supplies and to go to the liquor store. After that, we went to Sandwell Beach Park. Oh my God. It’s the beach closest to me; the photos are below.
When we got back Paula and Darrell had a beer together while I cleaned up inside because James is coming over for dinner with us.
It’s been fun having Paula with me on such a beautiful day. And tomorrow is another one to look forward to.

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