Friday, May 18, 2018

I Love the Pastoral Life

Whoa, scene one is re-written! Now I’ll re-do it and then move onto the re-write of scene three. Then I’ll have Draft Five. Yes, I think it’s better but it’s not funnier. Not yet. However, one actor plays all the female roles except the protagonist and if she’s a comic genius, it could make my script work. And that’s my workshop objective: To find the humour.
Today I went to my first Dog Playsession with Sheba; people with enormous fenced yards host these canine play dates each Friday. I’m not sure I’ll go back; some dogs are pretty aggressive. The Sunday walks are better.
Her Highness is napping now, before we go to Sandwell Parkbeach.
I am not the only fan of my fountain. It was almost empty this morning from so many birds splashing all the water out. Keeping it full and clearing the filter, maintaining the spa, watering the gardens and clipping sections of my land (oh, how I love writing that!) keep me so busy I rescinded my offer to do volunteer gardening. This place a daily dog adventures keep my busy.
I like this life. Summer here is idyllic. I’m glad I’ve already gone through one winter because right now I can’t stand the thought of it. My daily walks to the beach positively thrill me. I can’t get over that a beach like Long Beach, just a smaller version, is ten minutes away and I usually have it all to myself.
And my nights pass quickly because living here is a bit like camping when you go to bed when it gets dark and rise with the dawn.
I already see new growth on my annuals and it feels good. We will grow together, with Sheba, Fred and Ethel. 
And my soundtrack is good. I listen mostly to the CBC and loved the variety of music they play — particularly pastoral symphonic music, symphonic renditions of folk tunes, the gentle sections of ballet scores and so on. I wish I knew music better; so much of it is transformative — especially when your view is exclusively trees, plants and birds.

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