Thursday, May 10, 2018

Departure Delayed / All Renos Done

DI and DR decided to leave tomorrow (Friday) instead of today.
I’ve had another relapse and I’ve no idea why. Tuesday morning I went to a physio appointment in the morning and as soon as I arrived, I started feeling really awful and when D’Arcy tried to talk to me, I was completely mute. I thought to leave but didn’t. I was too shy to disappear, so I stayed but when he hooked me up to the TNS machine, I lost all control and seized. I had a really dreadful seizure — the worst in probably a year, the whole thrashing around disoriented spectacle. And in front of five people in a small studio.
When I got home, I went for a short walk with Sheba and then Di, DR and I went into the village for lunch at Robert’sand then to Drumbegfor a wonderful, relaxing walk followed by dinner and early to bed.
Yesterday began with Sheba’s first trip to the hairdresser. It was a familiarization appointment. Saturday she gets her first real trimming. Then DR, Di, Sheba and I went for a nice long trail walk after which all of us with two legs went to GIRO, then lunch at The Kitchenand then home to chill for the remainder of the day and evening. We watched Mediterraneoand then went to bed.
That’s it. There’s not much to report on and I’m too busy with DR and Di to write — all my writing energy is going into yet another re-write of Defiant Dress. I’ve had a really great visit and now I’ve no more scheduled guests. And … no more Darrell. I’ve Pinecone Park & Spaall to myself.

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