Monday, May 28, 2018

Edwin Arrives

Sheba and I went to a charity dog walk Sunday morning after getting home from the vets. It was to benefit Canadian Seeing Eye Dogs. She was in heaven and so was I to see her so happy and strong after the horror of last night. She had her first swim at the beach.
At the beach I found some beautiful blue shells. They are gorgeous. I will use them somehow in panel three of the fence.
I fertilized all the plants in all the gardens in the afternoon. I’m happy to see how well my flora all are faring. Plus, I got my solar lights going; they light trees in the front yard. I love the dramatic lighting at night; it’s visible out the front window.
After that, I did a lot of laundry here at the spa. Towels, bedding and napkins in advance of every guest plus today I had dog-drying laundry to do. After the anxiety of Saturday night, the 6:00 am trip to the vet in Nanaimo and back and all the housekeeping, I was beat by 4:00 pm.  Spa time.
In the evening I baked an Apple pie and watched a doc on the Metropolitan Opera that featured several interviews with 91-year old Leontine Price. She is still a radiantly compelling woman and spectacular speaker. I absolutely love her, and what a legacy!
I went to bed relieved about Sheba’s improvement but prepared for what happened this morning — waking to the odor of that of which we do not speak. She drank seawater at the beach and it upset her innards, poor girl.
But Edwin arrives at 10:30 to stay until Wednesday — just in time. June is coming and in Vancouver, that means rain. Perhaps even here will be wet.

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