Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Sound UP!

I feel lighter because Defiant Dressis “safe;” I found a new path. It still needs work, but I’m be going over it after I take a break. I have things to do!  
My cistern runneth over. I checked it this morning and pooey … another problem. This time though, instead of no water, it’s overflowing and the gauge is full of water. I have to call Rod and Al — and Al is a total pain in the ass to deal with. Sigh. But at least it’s an overabundance problem; I gave my garden a good heavy watering to stop the overflow.
With that done, I attacked the shed. It’s now in order and I took a whack of stuff to GIRO for recycling. And right by GIRO is … wait for it … the nursery! YAY Today I bought the last of my plants for this year — more shade plants. I’ve been replanting my early Spring work done before I realized how little sun reaches the backyard.
And … Yay! I connected with Vanessa, a lovely single mom who hauls junk off the island. I’ve arranged to work with her in the first week of June to get rid of all my construction detritus. She disposes of everything ethically; I pay her all the recycling and dumping fees and for her time. Yay!
I’ve also written to an arborist about thinning some of the trees that shade my backyard and to a rainwater collection specialist about a system for my three roofs. I’m a true islander now. 
I love my island paradise. I go to a beach every day — usually Sandwellas I did today. (See the videos below and turn up your sound.) Imagine: What you see in them is ten minutes from my house — and, I it is nearly always just Sheba and me when I go there. It’s is a very good life here although I’m still a bit startled by how well I do with so little human company.
Tonight I go to a meeting hosted by the local Arts Council. There’s a music/theatre festival here, mid-August, and they need an army of volunteers. I’m going to see if there’s something that suits me — that is, that allows me to work alone or from home.

This is the entrance to the park. I filmed her so you could hear the birds. Sound up!

This is at the other end of the trail. Listen and see. Sound up!

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