Monday, May 7, 2018

Dianne & DR Day

This is my new screen door, made by Darrell of course. If today’s as warm as yesterday, I’m going to be leaving my front door open from now on.
Yesterday was sunny and wonderfully warm — 23° in the village. It was a finesummer day. After I washed Swamp Dog I went into the village and bought myself a Maple walnut ice cream cone to enjoy in the sunshine.  
I came home to spend an ideal afternoon listening to music, painting the studio window and getting the pinecones onto the sides of one window - this is, after all, Pinecone Park & Spa. It was the kind of day I envisioned for myself when I moved here — just doing little jobs around the property almost all day, more for fun than out of need.
And for the first time since 1994, I mowed lawn. Not only that, but with a gas fired lawnmower. That was a first ever.
DR and Dianne arrive tonight in time for dinner so, of course, I’m baking a cake this morning: A Japanese cheesecake.
This morning began with baking. I made a Japanese (jiggly) cheesecake. It’s not too sweet and its served without icing so it’s my version of cutting down on sugar. I allow myself to bake when I have guests. My adage: Live happy, not long.
Steve and I used to love gamping — gay camping. When we broke up and looked back, the favourite memory for both of us was a camping trip we took together. 
All my life I’ve been a very early riser. I loved having the early morning hours, the dawn and the avian chorus to myself (and our dog). Here on Gabriola, when I first step outside, the smell of the forest air always takes me immediately back to memories of camping.
That smell, the birdsong — plus the fact that these is otherwise total silence — and that first touch of the hot sun on my skin is an incredibly great way to start each day. 
When I’d go outdoors in the city it would shut me down. I’d retreat from the very hostile downtown world. Here, it’s the opposite; I’m pulled out into nature.

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