Wednesday, May 23, 2018

The Fork in the Road

His name is Stephen Drover. He’s the new Associate Artistic Director at the Arts Club Theatre. He’s the fellow who will make the initial assessment of my script. 
I wrote to him this afternoon. 
I can’t lose. If he likes it I win in the obvious way. If he doesn’t I’ll mean aiming to show my work in the art gallery here. Two years of diligent work along a straight path is coming to a fork in the road: Will my ladies be in a visual or performing arts show?
And I’m finished with my garden planting for this year — at least for a while.  
The next tasks are ridding Pinecone park & Spa of all its waste with the help of Vanessa. And then I work on fixing up the woodshed before beginning the search for firewood. I’ve eight cords to stack. Once that is done I will have my PhD in Islandry.

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