Thursday, May 17, 2018


I shouldn’t have told her my idea or that I might take advantage of it. She’s a psychiatrist, after all. Dumb me.
I told her about an idea I’d had to offset overpopulation. I proposed Canada have a Go Out With A Bang policy.Canadians could apply and, if accepted, they’d get a million dollars and a year to spend it in —in Canada and it can’t be willed — after which they’d be euthanized. 
I told her I might take advantage of such a plan and I think that’s why she prescribed Mirtazapine. It’s an anti-depressant. People normally start on 15 milligrams per day; it’s prescribed up to 45 milligrams per day. I took 7 milligrams and it knocked me silly. I slept most all day except for my walk and then slept all night long. This is a guy who used to sleep only four hours a day.
So I’m not taking the drug any more. I thought it was an anti-anxiety medication.
I think talking to Dr. S. is all I need, just for a while and then I plan to try life on my own again. I don’t feel depressed and if I am I’m okay with it.
All four of my beloved Edgeworthia died. I asked the nursery why they think it happened and they blamed the winter — and gave me four replacement plants. The new plants are Sweet Boxwood so my winters will smell very sweet. They bloom in January and are extremely fragrant.
How quickly attitudes change: We may have rain Saturday and I’m thrilled. My rain collectors will collect some water for the garden and that day will be refreshing for everything growing.

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