Sunday, May 27, 2018

Sheba Down

Around 8:00 pm Saturday evening, she got very wobbly on her feet; she could barely stand or walk and her head was bobbing all over the place. I assumed she’d ingested something; she’s often eating things on walks that I don’t get to identify before they go down. I lifted her onto the couch and just held onto her and soothed her until she fell into a deep, deep sleep. Her respiration was very slow; I was horribly anxious as I went to bed.
This morning she seemed no better so I caught the 6:15 ferry to Nanaimo to go to the emergency vet. He thought she’d eaten a mushroom, marijuana or some other canine neurotoxin. I have lots of medications, too, and a pill could have wound up on the floor. I checked my marijuana plants and there’s no damage and my dry supply is in a closed box on a high shelf. However, I could have dropped some.
At the vet’s, however, she started showing signs of recovery and it continued as quickly as she fell ill. I’ve just come in from playing ball with her and I’m taking her to dog play in half-an-hour. After that, we’ll hang out at the spa. I’ll do fence work and she’ll sleep.

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