Saturday, May 19, 2018

Sandwell Meadow

I walked the meadow at Sandwell Park late Friday afternoon as the sunshine ebbed behind soothing thin grey clouds. As the shadows disappeared it got remarkably warmer. I followed a meandering trail winding past a small lake, moving through explosions of wild roses blooming white to light pink to a rich rose. 
A thick-piled carpet of grasses and wildflowers covered the land everywhere I could see. Red grasses hovered like minarets over tiny white, yellow, light pink, dark pink and purple flowers blooming amongst low-growing grasses — some looking like inch-high heavily seeded wheat.
Because the tide was out, the distant waves were silent; only birdsong provided the score for scores of flying fairies — dragonflies — darting through the landscape and circling ‘round me.
The beauty of the place brought back memories of childhood summers filling me with welcome reverie. Talk about calming! Good grief it felt wonderful to be there. I feel the beauty around me deeply; its rich compensation for the rocky emotional rides that come from my condition.
I met a couple that recommended I visit Joyce Lockwood Community Park.Looking for it on the map, I noticed a place called Coates March Regional Parkso I have two more unseen places to visit next week where other natural wonders like moonstone shells await me. 
This morning I’m off to the first Farmer’s Market of the season and then to lunch with Patsy at The Surf.

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