Wednesday, May 16, 2018


Looking north at Sandwell, the bleach closest to Pinecone Park & Spa.
Looking South
Sheba loves it here — especially when there are other dogs.
There's a lake just behind a land dyke beside the ocean.
There is miles of fine sand.

Today was a total write-off. I’m blaming my new drugs and I took just half of the prescribed lowest dosage. I got up; I went to sleep. I took Sheba for a walk; I went to sleep. I went into the village for lunch and to do some errands; I came home and went to sleep. I got up and watched some TV; then back to bed. I’ve never had so dreary a day.
I’m not taking any pills tomorrow! 
I wrote to the Arts Club,I’m back at work on my script and I’m feeling more confident about my work. Last time I re-wrote it I thought: “This time, I’ve got it.” And then readers mentioned plot flaws, so back to it I went. I’m now I’m thinking again, “This time, I’ve got it.” One way or another, the fate of my ladies will soon be set.
The theatre’s incoming artistic associate has not been hired so I feel a little less pressure to finish this current draft quickly. That feels good.
I took Sheba for a walk at Sandwell Park. (See above.) When I arrived, I disturbed a bird. It flapped its enormous wings and straight away I thought: Vulture. Then there were two more of them. They are enormous huge graceful birds with bright red featherless heads. 
Shortly thereafter I met François and his two Whippets, Walnut and Covis. I was smitten with all three of them! His dogs are only two months older than Sheba and are siblings. They run like Springboks on the plain. Together the three dogs exhausted themselves. And François is a total delight. I’m very happy we met and we plan to get together soon.
On a whim I asked him if he had seen the huge black birds and he knew that they were Turkey Vultures. They’re kind of ugly up close, but in the air they are magnificent.
My friend Mark has made an incredible decision. He’s been on the heart transplant list and standing by but he took himself off the list. He knows he’s made a very serious decision that will affect everyone around him so he wrote a letter explaining his decision that was heat-breaking to read but brilliant. 

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