Saturday, May 26, 2018

Late Saturday

For the first time, ever, Sheba got into the car by herself this morning.  Pigs flew!
I started the third panel of the fence. I’m pleased with the result (so far); plus, I know where I want to go with it. I’ll do more tomorrow. I haven’t finished the other two panels but I wanted to see how the imbalance lookedI’ll be adding vertical sticks to the shell circle and I want to add some moon shells that I have to find first.
I passed on the Farmers’ Market today and I’m skipping the dog walk tomorrow. Sue, Fran and Edwin are all here next week so I wanted total downtime this weekend.

They're clam shells from Sandwell beach combing.

Now that summer is here, I am noticing lots of changes on the island. New signs, GIRO (the recycling depot) has new paving, the lineups for the ferry are enormous, there are directional signs everywhere indicating where artist are open for visits and lots of people have little stands up in front of their yards offering plants, crafts, soap, vegetables, and flowers.
The Farmers’ Markets are open, of course, and I find them a thrilling addition to summer. There’s also an ice cream shack that’s open now. 
It’s also breathtakingly beautiful. There are wildflowers everywhere and walking the sandstone beaches at low tide makes you feel like you’re a kid again when tide pools were little universes of incredibly interesting and diverse life.
Houses that were empty all winter are opening up, the trails are tropically lush with flora of extraordinary design and colour. On the street beside Village Marketpeople leave their trailers, cars and carts that they want to sell.
Some favourite New Yorker cartoons (click to enlarge):
The verdant pink of your pants suit silhouetted just
so against the lush brown of that tatami mat is most
beguiling, Miss Fujikawa.

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