Friday, May 25, 2018

Costin! Yay!

Last night I got a text from Costin (Fish Boy) and Marina. 
Costin came to my house every two weeks for a few years to help me maintain my aquarium and we became friends. He loves to cook and eat and he’s an actor. Plus, they both are remarkably warm and welcoming people.
However, when I moved here I did not get in touch. They are in their early thirties and I felt “too old” to hope to keep the friendship alive. Tonight’s text, sent from the beach in Vancouver where they were enjoying their dinner, came as a delightful surprise.
I called them and now we’re planning a visit there (I can stay at their place) and they plan to come here — and soon. I’m reallyhappy; in spite of their being so much younger, I love every second I’m in their company. And now I am certain they, too, enjoy being together.

It’s relentlessly sunny and temperate; next week is the third in a row of sunshine and some isolated high cloud — but no rain. And my cistern has stopped leaking, perhaps because I treated the garden to a soaking.
I went to Jay’s for dinner last night and took some champagne to enjoy in the late afternoon sun. Sheba was invited as well. It was reallylovely. His place is stunning. It’s a French chateau and sitting outside by the lawn, looking at his magnificent place covered with Boston Ivy while we drank champagne was a treat.
I had a wonderfully restful day. I tidied up the house and went for walks — and a first: I laid down on my outdoor chaise longue for a mid-afternoon contemplation of the silence.
Today I go to Vancouver to see Dr. S., have lunch with Nicola (at Ancora, no less) and dinner with Bruce.

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