Tuesday, May 1, 2018


Darrel surprised me today by starting on the courtyard (above). I thought he’d be doing the screen door next. I had some concerns about part of his plan and was reluctant to say anything because of how much confidence I have in him. But I did and it was good. As a result of the talk we had, I ordered three yards of sand so we can achieve a smoother slope.
He was initially resistant to the idea but came round and, stoked by our talk, I jumped into the car to go to order, pay for and arrange for the delivery of the sand and on the way out I backed into Darrell’s truck and crushed the trunk of my car. Sigh. It’s always something. Nothing happened to his truck and a crushed trunk cover doesn’t affect my comfort or ability to get around… so I don’t really care.
Besides, it’s gloriously sunny today and Paula is coming later. And … I’m stoned on happiness about the pavers. The idea to do this popped into my head just as I thought I was through with renovations — after the porch — and I talked to Darrell and off we went. A week later two hundred 24” square pavers were in my yard.
And now they are starting to look fabulous in my backyard. They're appealing to my eye (as I see them finished, with moss between and the fountain going.I've turned something practical — a driveway — into something more appealing to me. In my mind, it's my Italian garden.
And not only that: I finished Draft Four of Defiant Dressand sent it to two readers. And you know what? I’m proud of it.
It’s an odd thing: I am not confident when I write fiction and dialogue whereas I can be about the tangible things I make (like my dresses). But I actually think it works. I’ll see what the readers say and then, of course, comes the Arts Clubreaction.  (l hope I get an appraisal from them and not just a rejection if I fail to impress.)

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