Saturday, May 5, 2018

Slowing Down

I couldn’t resist posting this shot of the fountain I took this morning. I like the sunlight shining on it. Later I'll plant things in the empty bowls and do more planting in the gardens around the edges.
Darrell’s wife now wants a paver driveway and patio at their place and Darrel said, “No f-cking way!” That’s his back speaking, but that’s how great it’s looking.
When Paula was here, she came in after spending about twenty minutes talking with Darrell and said, “He’s a hoser, but I love him.” I hadn’t heard the word for years; she was noticing what I’ve said here before: Darrell and I come from opposite ends of a spectrum and that why our comfort and joy together moves me so deeply. 
I told Paula that. She works in a bar and said immediately: “I know exactly what you are talking about. I work with these guys and guys like Darrell have hearts of pure gold and are the kindest nicest people you will ever meet.” 
His has a mullet!
At the beach, Paula and I met Sean and Marie, an absolutely delightful Irish couple who immigrated here. When Paula said how nice people were on the island, Sean said, “Don’t be fooled. Once you’ve been here a while you find out they’re even nicer.”
D’Arcy the physiotherapist was great. I was there for two hours — including some comfortable waiting — all for just sixty bucks. As per his suggestion, I began today with twenty minutes in the hot tub before I did my first set of exercises.
He has four beds in one large well-windowed studio built of lovely wood and he has a wood stove. I was there with other patients; it’s all quite informal and lovely. I amused everyone when I started speaking as Rand (with an Aussie accent).
Rand used to be more South African but he’s becoming more Australian. I may change his name to Roo.
I’m going back on Tuesday. It’s quite wonderful to be doing something good for my health and to feel confidence in D’Arcy. 
It’s a beautiful day and the morning air is already warm. I have two lovely days alone to work on the fence and garden and to take Her Highness on several beach/trail walks.
Next week Darrell will certainly finish up here and the last of scheduled visitors come. Dianne and DR have been here before, just after I got my pets, and so I’ll enjoy showing them the changes. Starting the week after that I have no scheduled guests and no more renovations.
This morning I thought to skip submitting the Defiant Dress script to anyone, show the dresses and their letters here. I may have been discouraged by Margot’s response to the script or I may just be getting lazy; I may be ready to end my professional life in the arts and just cruise in the slow lane here at Pinecone Park & Spa.

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