Friday, May 4, 2018

Feedback (Sigh)

Reader number one was quite critical of Defiant Dress. It was terribly discouraging but I believe I’m better for it. She was critical of plot points that concerned me, too, so I’ve one more slog through it before I submit to the Arts Club.
Elaine brought over a massive slab of fresh-caught salmon and another huge chunk of smoked salmon yesterday. Kenny, who’s helping Darrell, got the same gift. After Elaine left, Paula wanted to chill here until it was time to go. So we sat on chairs on the deck and I felt pretty uncomfortable sitting and watching Kenny and Darrell do their hard and heavy work hard on the courtyard.
They will likely finish the bulk of the work today, except for the driveway. I’m stunned by how quickly it’s all happened. 
DR and Dianne come next week and after them there are no visitors in the pipeline. Also, Darrell will likely be finishing up. (After the driveway, he’s just the interior of the porch to finish.) I’ve a “facing the void” feeling; the next stage of living here will be about living with all stimulation coming from within.
I’ve lots of tasks to occupy my time: Obsessing on the garden, finishing the fence decoration, painting and “pineconing” the window frames of the shed and studio and repairing the ladies. Plus, I’m looking forward to doing some exploring: To Parksville to visit Jane and Dana, to Victoria to see Jess and Todd and to Saltspring Island to see Barb. They’re all daytrips I feel I can handle in good weather.
Today is my first session with the physio. I’m on my way to better back health and increased flexibility.
George Carlin: “The caterpillar does all the work, but the butterfly gets all the publicity.”

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