Sunday, May 6, 2018

Dog Walk

What a great morning!
At ten I went to meet other dog owners for an hour-and-a-half walk through the woods. We were a baker’s dozen of dogs and owners and it was wonderful — it’ll be even better when Sheba gets clipped. It happens every Sunday and the guide means I don’t have to do any navigation. It was really wonderful and I met lots of people.
At the end of the walk my poor exhausted and hot dog found a nice big muddy went ditch full of stagnant water to lie in.
Darrell has finished the screen door for my front door (above). It will give me great cross ventilation. He and Elaine also convinced me to get a lawnmower. I may try it today.
“It’ll give the yard that tidy look,” Elaine assured me. I’ll see how I like it. I can always let the grass grow back; I’m not convinced of my interest in nature “conquered.”
Yesterday afternoon I painted the first of the window frames. I’m painting them a deep wine red. Long before I finished, cramps in my hand were so bad I had to take a break. I’ll try to do the other one today. It’s details like this — painting some colour into the landscape — that make the place look cared about. When the pinecones are added, it should look great.
Today I’ll be painting the other window and adding pinecones to the border of the first one.  
I’ve got to go through Defiant Dressagain and fix critical parts. Both readers said the same thing. I am not dissuaded; I’ll really be applying myself and soon as the Arts Club is ready to receive it.
I’m truly and happily stunned: I’ve been doing my exercises and taking a long hot tub beforehand so as to be more relaxed and I already notice the difference.  This is because falling led to the best of prescriptions: Better self-care; Dr. Majic recommended flexibility exercises. 

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