Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Starting again on Defiant Dress

I’m a fan of supremely quirky Frances McDormand. She’s never been one for glam so I was delighted to see this photo of her at Monday night’s ridiculously over-the-top Met Ball.
Dianne and DR arrived at Horseshoe Bay at 3:30 pm yesterday in order to catch the 5:00 o’clock ferry but they didn’t get on. They had to wait until the 6:30 sailing. That sailing was delayed due to some kind of loading dock problem, so they couldn’t catch a Gabriola ferry until 10:00 pm. By then they’d been on the road for seven hours.
They arrived here around 10:30, exhausted but in great spirits so we enjoyed some chat over wine before we went to bed. I’m glad they made the effort to get here last night instead of travelling today because they will have a lovely full day here today. Tomorrow and the next day are supposed to be wet (I’m happy for the garden) and then we are expecting a hot sunny week.
All I did all day was go for walks with Her Highness and tidy up the place.  I also got supplies for a dinner that didn’t happen. We’ll eat them tonight, perhaps. I’m h oping we barbeque tonight if its still warm.
First thing Monday Yesterday I made the Japanese cheesecake. It was a disaster; I’ve never failed so dramatically in the kitchen, ever. I went into the village and got an oven thermometer and tested my range. It burns cool. So I made a second cake and adjusted the cooking time and it failed too. But it still looks and tastes good enough to eat.
Darrell and Kenny finished the courtyard and started on the driveway when they ran out of tiles and sand. They’ll finish it up today.
I’m actually stoked about re-writing Defiant Dress; I’m going to have to do it quickly but it's not easy to make major changes to the plot.
Both readers had problems with plot points that also troubled me. (What was I thinking that I could get away with it?) So now I’m doing what I should have known to do on my own.

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