Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Of Course Rain is Coming - It's June.

Tuesday was pretty great. First Edwin, Sheba and I went for a trail walk that really impressed Edwin. Then we dropped Sheba off at home and went into the village to get stuff for lunch, returning via the South Road so Edwin has a sense of the island.
Fran and her Cocker Spaniel, Jackson, arrived wish Sue and Sue’s Terrier, Sayde. We had a great visit, a delicious lunch and lot of laughs. Fran is hilarious! Then the ladies left and Edwin and I went to Drumbeg for a walkabout. Hen, just like the night before, I lay around while Edwin made dinner.
I was exhausted and so I went to bed before nine and so did Edwin.
I’ve no plans for today. We’ll wing it, but Edwin catches the 4:00 pm flight back to Vancouver.
I have put myself on a list of arborists. Business is so busy he likely won’t be here until the Fall, but at least I’m on his list. I’m hoping to thin the branches of as many trees as I can and is practical so that I get more sunshine in the backyard.
Yesterday, while we all sat outside, I had the patio heater on.
This afternoon or tomorrow I start pulling out all the crap in my shed, the construction detritus from behind the shed and mountains of old crap left by the previous owner from both of the woodsheds. Vanessa comes Monday afternoon to start hauling it all away.
Woo hoo! The next two days are supposed to be rainy. I’m already excited by the prospect of just hanging out indoors while the rain barrels fill, the garden gets a good soaking, the cistern fills to overflowing and the aquifer is somewhat renewed.

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