Tuesday, July 23, 2019

An Excellent (& Short) Visit

In the past, my decorating was focused on interiors. Only in one former home, did I have a garden. Here, it’s all about the yard. Pinecone Park has never looked better—at least to my eyes. I felt very proud showing my friends around the place yesterday.
And what a change in the weather! Instead of a cool 12° or so, as it has been in the early mornings, I was sweating as I tidied up in the morning before the dog walk because it was 20° at sunrise.
They arrived at 12:30. I had lunch laid out on the table and I had my jazz playlist going. We were in dappled sunlight, so it was comfortable. And I mean, really: Lunching homemade food, á la Française, with life-long friends on the deck on a warm summer day? How can that be anything but superb?
There were birds feeding—I’d filled all the feeders—and there was a gentle wind, thank God, keeping us cool. They were terribly complimentary about my work. Bill, in particular, was really effusive. It makes me wonder how he thought I was living, but I was thrilled he had such a great time. He vowed to return for an overnight visit.
They weren’t here long. They left just after three and I went right to bed. All the prepping and the turf removal had me feeling exhausted. I slept until six! And my second wind did not last long; I went to bed early and slept later this morning than I have since I moved here. 
Today I will take it easy because Paula comes tomorrow. She’s an easy and comfortable visitor, so I doubt I’ll crash. We’ll go on walks and have a picnic I hope. I may do some transplanting or landscaping; I’m just going to see how I feel. 
It’s a beautiful day. I’d love to have a lie down on a chaise in the sunshine, but I can’t ever lie on my back until my rib heals.

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