Saturday, July 27, 2019


There was a downpour last night at about 10:00 pm. Today, though, has dawned with lots of blue sky. Hooray: I don’t have to water the gardens today.
Today I’m going to fix my Pinecone Park sign. A lot of the pinecones fell off and I’m going to replace the flip-flops with shells. At lunchtime, I’m going to take Sheba to play at Silva Bay so I can get a burrito at the food truck there. They make delicious food and fresh drinks.

I collected (stole) more rocks from next door with which to build a border between my incinerator area and the incoming lawn. Then I spread a thick layer of sand over the ground; I now have a safe have a dedicated safe place for incinerating windfall. Not only that, it is very close to a large barrel of rainwater.
What a difference it makes to have that area spruced up! The whole yard says: “Someone cares!” It looks so lovely and tidy, if barren.

I picked some peas—lots of them, actually. They’d stopped blooming so I figure if I pick them that they may flower again. And I raked section one clean of more rocks and windfall and watered everything because it was hot. Then 
I dug out some sand from between the paving stones near the fountain and planted some ivy so that one day, the fountain base may disappear into green.  

And these beauties are my maturing Beets. I don’t have many but I’ll be able to make at least one batch of Beet pasta for a meal with guests. I’ve more learning to do about growing Beets before next year.
One of the great pleasures for me is washing my bedding. I, of course, do it on a sunny day and I leave it out in the sun all day, long after it dries, so it soaks up those molecules that smell so delicious when I get into bed. I washed my bedding today, so last night it was heavenly to go to bed.
At 6:00 last night it was 29°!

This is not my drawing, but drawing fabric is something
I love to do. This drawing is gorgeous!

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