Tuesday, July 2, 2019

I Love My Life, My Home

I do not rest. I am addicted to activity in summertime. Meanwhile, New Yorkers  go unread.
It dawned cloudy today. Then there was a light shower and so I lit the fire to spend a nice slow day indoors. But it didn’t rain and so I was drawn outside to do a myriad of little jobs needing doing around Pinecone Park. I’ve been so focused on the landscaping these duties have gone undone.
The most tedious job, by far, was weeding the courtyard. It’s endless bending and rising to clear the cracks between the paving stones of weeds. I leave the Daisies and other small and dense flowering plants so that over time, the cracks will fill with flowers in Spring.
The sun came out in the afternoon, but I kept at the neglected tasks. I really got a lot done today and tomorrow I have all day to get back to the Fern Garden.

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