Sunday, July 7, 2019

Back to it.

The weather is rather shitty and is predicted to remain so until Thursday. I’m not a happy cowboy. And I’ve been wondering: What the Hell am I going to do all winter?
Forced to stay inside by the weather yesterday, that’s what I wondered often in the morning. But as the day passed with gentle mist falling, I really enjoyed myself. I lit the fire, got out my New Yorkers and did some cooking.
I also decided to check out the Aeroplan website and discovered I had enough points to buy a quiet electronic leaf blower. I know: They’re worst machines ever invented but it will make keeping my courtyard clean very easy. I’ve been sweeping it and it damages the Daisies I’m growing in the cracks. So I’m content with my “free” purchase.
I watched Rocketman,  the Elton John, biopic. Ho hum. 
Early in the evening the rain stopped, big blue holes opened in the canopy of cloud and the sun shone down. I went to bed optimistic that I’d be back in the yard working tomorrow.
I got back to yard work today after the big community dog walk.  Today’s not been the kind of summer day one waits for but I’m inspired to make some progress on the landscaping after my day off yesterday. I reckon I’ve only about five more days of work to do to complete section three. It’s very exciting to be so close to the “end” of an enormous project.
I put the word “end” in quotation marks because I won’t truly be done. I’ve tilling to do in a large part of section one where I only cleared the land, and there are two relatively small sections of yard I need to ponder: Do I take up the small lawn that is already there so all the lawn is the same or do I leave it? And I need to make a work area for the incinerator.

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