Thursday, July 4, 2019

Week Six Begins

This summer is much different than last summer. Last summer we had four months of relentless sunshine only interrupted by days darkened by skies filled with forest fire smoke. This year has, so far, been considerably cooler and cloudier. Today is cloudy and tomorrow and Saturday are predicted to be wet.
I started my landscaping project on May 31; today is the last day of the fifth week of pretty conscientious landscaping work in the backyard. I’m now “in the home stretch” and it feels very good to know that as I work.  
The Fern Garden ain’t finished, but it’s there and now I can transplant Ferns to it that I uproot as I work on section three. And that’s what I want to do today—get back to section three—and it’s exciting because I’m now in the “home stretch.”
Once this section is compete, I will always have things to do in the yard, but the landscaping will be over and it won’t pick up again until mid-September when I order the soil and start spreading it over all three sections before seeding.
I’m rather stunned: In the past week I lost a kilo and a half of weight! By the time I finish this project I will be back to what I weighed when I/my brain crashed.
I’m glad of this side effect to my landscaping project. Time will tell if I can keep it off because my cookies remain a drug of choice. And chocolate. And cake and pie, oh my!
Would you like another reason to love and admire Emma Thompson? Oh my goodness, this brief video of her and her son impressed me so! There’s a part two you can also watch if you like part one. Just search it out on YouTube.

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