Friday, July 19, 2019

Dog Party

I’m back—back at work with a bad back.
I eased back into the landscaping and was thrilled to discover two things: I could work without pain and where I’m working is much easier to till than much of the and I’ve already completed. I was fully loaded on Ibuprofen; I sneezed twice without feeling like a million arrows were piercing my back.
The backyard is almost entirely manicured—unseeded, but clean and tidy (two of my favourite words). There’s only a small patch remaining to be done; I’ll finish it this weekend—until, that is, I add the topsoil and seed in September.
And since it rained heavily last night, I’m going to mow the lawns today so the pace looks good for my many upcoming visitors. And henceforth, until the seeding in September, I’ll focus on the final transplanting and weeding.
On yesterday’s walk, I harvested some Digitalis seeds and I scattered them in the Fern Garden. And I tried my new leaf blower. It’s fabulous. Although it’s conceptually disgusting, is a Godsend. It is quiet and strong; it takes me less than five minutes to clear the deck and courtyard of windfall.
This morning’s arrived cool. It was 9° at five am this morning! But the weather prediction is really good for the foreseeable future. I’m about to go on the small community dog walk and then we’re all going to Stacey’s for coffee and snacks with our dogs. It’s a stunning morning, so it’ll be lovely, I’m sure. Stacey is the doctor I met recently. Her partner is the judge with whom I connected so well when the two of them recently joined our walk with their Weimaraner, Otis.

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