Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Paula Arrives

My new cast iron skillet is here. I’ll pick it up today. I got it so that I could make a Tarte Tatin. I’ll make one for Paula, or soon, and if it goes well, I’ll make another to take to Dianne’s cabin in August for our posse party.  
I floated through my day yesterday, high with pride and relief in being finished with the landscaping. I was stoned on accomplishment.
Today, I hope Paula helps me finish the transplanting. Readers must be wondering: What the Hell is he transplanting? Well, the Garden of Stolen Stones was filled with shade plants, but since the canopy was opened in the Spring, some of the plants are suffering.
Also, all the plants in the front garden—the first garden I created here—suffer from too much drought. The water I give them drains away quickly and the soil is very acidic so I’ve been moving al of them into the backyard.
I have a tentative plan for next summer: I want to build a shallow wall where the Leprechaun wall is so that I can create a pond behind it. I’ve been watching pond building videos on YouTube. It’s a shady area so I can’t grow much in the way of water plants. Consequently, I want to get a giant rock for its feature.  
It’s a tentative plan.
There are clouds this morning, but there’s lots of blue sky. It’s only 16° but it’ll likely warm up this afternoon. Afternoons have been warm. I’m off to the community dog walk and then to Silva Bay to collect Paula. 
I feel like I’m on summer holiday now that the work is finished. Paula is here until tomorrow, on Tuesday I go to Vancouver and the week after that, Steve and family are here for five days before I go to the big island to visit Dianne and our posse. Fun times at Pinecone Park.

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