Wednesday, July 10, 2019

%&$^#* PAIN!

As Sheba and I were finishing our walk Tuesday morning, François and Eoin arrived with Clovis and Walnut for their walk, so we all walked together for our second walk. Then I went in to the village so I got a bit of a late start on the landscaping—and that was fine because some of my muscles ache.
I felt tired as soon as I looked at my tools, but I picked up my pitchfork thing and got to work and soon was back into the swing of it—sort of. I damaged a muscle on my right side from tugging a few days ago and as I continue to work, it worsened. I found it hard to keep working. It’s a good thing I had today off.
I did not get a lot done yesterday, but any progress is good. Although I’m a hard worker, every time I stopped to rest I found myself trying to calculate how many days of work remained. I’m getting really tired of such exhausting work. I quit at 3:00.
This morning, Sheba and I were on the 7:30 ferry to see Dr. Yearsly. I’m not getting my second eye done yet. Whilst in the ferry lineup to come home, I tried to straighten my tires by cranking hard on the steering wheel. That was a mistake. I felt something “snap” in my upper back.
I could barely get out of the car due to the pain, nor could I carry my purchases into the house. Getting undressed was a challenge but being in the spa was heavenly. I can’t raise my right arm and can’t lift anything. I’m going to have to take some time off for this to heal. Landscaping, I think, is out of the question for a while—unless there’s a miraculous recovery overnight. 

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