Saturday, July 13, 2019

Victoria with Gene

Thursday night, I saw Jesus. I sneezed and almost passed out from the pain and sleeping was almost impossible. I could not find a way to lie down that was not painful. I thought going to Victoria would be out of the question but I decided to go, living on meals of Ibuprofen. 
I had great weather for my trip to Victoria and Chalise came to stay here for the day so my pets were well cared for.
The drive was torture for the first half-hour. Trust me: You do not want to get PTSD! I was crying and terrorized by who knows what—is it the traffic and driving on the highway, is it because I’m leaving home or is it because I’m nervous about having to be at a certain place by a certain time? I have no idea.
But … my anxiety lasted only half an hour. It lifted like a cloud fifteen minutes earlier than it took last time I drove alone to Victoria.
When I arrived in the city, I parked my car by a huge beautiful cathedral and went inside where a volunteer came up to me to speak. I of course couldn’t reply and as I was signing “I’d just like to look around,” tears started streaming down my face. There’s something about churches that get to me.
I had a nice calm rest in the cathedral whilst they tuned the organ. I loved it and had about half an hour to chill before going to meet Gene and his three roommates: Sidney, Elizabeth and Lauren (his wife). 
I love Gene like few others. I have known him his entire life and he has always been, for me, the ideal young man. I love him like a son, thanks to his generous parents who encouraged our connection. (We both have a seizure history, too.)
After lunch, I drove right back home. I couldn’t get back to Sheba, Fred and Ethel fast enough. I was back home by 4:30 and immediately into the spa.
I’m very glad I went! I love Gene. But leaving here is not easy for me; I don’t travel well at all, especially without Sheba. When I leave here, I realize the full extent of my condition. I’m pretty seriously compromised “out there.”
I want to leave here as seldom as possible; that’s just how it is.
I’m absolutely stunned by how much I love my Fern Garden (FG). Why? Because of the moss!
I built the FG because four large Ferns were growing in the location, and it’s a place where few other plants would grow. And I liked the idea of natural plants, so I decided to relocate all the Ferns from section three to the FG. But some blessed inspiration had me decide to cover the bare ground with moss I also harvested from section three and from the ease side of my lot.
I loved the look even though the moss looked patchy. It was patchy; I used scores of pieces of it to cover the large garden. 
Well now all the moss has merged. It only took a week of this moderate summer weather with its brief showers of rain to help it turn into a lovely smooth and even carpet of moss! 

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