Monday, July 8, 2019

The Regent

Yesterday, after hours of procrastination, I took the few minutes required to plant more Lettuce and some Basil. I’m having decent success with lettuce and I ‘ve a chance to feed Steve et al with fresh salad from my garden when they come to visit next month. (Mt tomatoes are doing really well.)
I also transplanted half the garlic and trashed the other half. And I tossed all the Spinach. Everything else is doing fine, however, I even have an extremely modest Blueberry crop to eat.
I didn’t work yesterday. It was raining much of the day so I lit the fire and chilled with the pets. But this morning, I’ll be back at it. After two days off, I’m keen and the forecast gives me hope that I’ll complete this final section by the end of Sunday.
This morning I went out to look at the yard where I’ll work today (after the community dog walk), and I felt like a King looking out proudly over his kingdom. I take great, great pleasure in the order and beauty I’ve brought to my lot.
Okay… the practical truth: I hope I never step in Sheba shit again. My landscaping makes it very  easy to see that which must be bagged and removed.
But I also feel pride in taking “control” of the landscape. It’s beautiful to see order in my domain, to be truthful. And beauty. 
It’s one thing to learn about how to mange the well/cistern/water pressure pump, the hot tub and generator, and another to become a healthy, happy family with three pets. But to give myself, and my guests, a sense of living in a manicured park here really satisfies me. As I tried to do in my last condo, I’ve created an oasis of calm for the soul. And when I think of all the time and energy I have for detail work henceforth, I know the beautification of my yard will continue (modestly). 
My seizure the other day, and hearing the four worst words in our language (“call nine one one”), reminded me that Pinecone Park is my sanctuary.  
Fred has discovered that the two scatter rugs in the kitchen make excellent toys. They’re quite large and heavy, and so is he. He likes to stalk it, rush at it, skidding into it with all ten claws fully extended and then kill it. He kills by trying to shred it with his hind claws whilst gripping it with this teeth and front claws.
Once “dead,” he takes his prey to his lair. With one corner of the rug in his mouth, he looks like a Cheetah on the plain as he drags his prey away.

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