Tuesday, July 16, 2019

C&F's Visit

Chris and Frani got here at about 4:45 on a perfect sunny summer afternoon (Monday). It was an ideal 25° and there was a refreshing wind to keep us really comfortable. We immediately set up camp on the back porch: The Prosecco was nice and cold and the nuts and chips were bowled out.
We played “tile rummy.” It was lots of fun. And we talked about all the friends we have in common. Then sadly, C&F got a text saying a long-time and dear friend had passed away and the rest of the evening was filled with sadness.
Today dawned beautifully so we had a picnic lunch in total privacy at Drumbeg. C&F loved our location and the food. I made Turkey salad sandwiches and served them with a nice Asian salad and we had cherries and cookies for dessert.
I love having C&F here whilst the weather is perfect; I’m on vacation from the landscaping and enjoying summer in Paradise.
They will leave here tomorrow to go to visit the daughter of their friend who passed away. She lives in Victoria.
My back is better. I feel great until I cough—or worse, sneeze. But after a week off, I feel I can (carefully) get back to landscaping. I’d love to be able to complete the work in the week I have before Paula arrives.

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