Monday, July 22, 2019

Bil, Caryn & Bruce Day

This life of mine—this solitary island life—is one I never  would have imagined for myself. Never! My complete joy with this lifestyle, consequently, continues to surprise and delight me. I rarely get phone calls; my friends know talking on the phone is difficult. The visits of my friends and my dog walking groups give me enough socializing to keep me from concern about isolation.
What keeps me from ever being bored is nature. The weather, my pets, plants and lawns and the forest that surrounds me are in constant change. I experience it tactilely, through my windows and on my trail walks. But my favourite way to experience nature is on a picnic or in the spa.
In October, I mark the end of my second year here. I can honestly say, I have never experienced boredom. Quite to the contrary, I have never felt so spiritually enriched—every day that I am here
Sunday I started by building a rock border for yet another bed I’ve made to border the new lawn. Then I finished removing the old lawn and tilling the soil beneath. I got everything done I wanted to do today and then quit early. I love to be lazy on Sundays and I wanted to be in good shape for my guests today.
I love every spa I have. I cannot believe my good fortune in “inheriting” this thing I would never ever have thought of getting. But a spa after several hours of heavy work is extra enjoyable because it feels so deserved.
I’ve one tiny patch left to do. My plan is to do it tomorrow. I want to chill after Bruce, Bill and Caryn leave today. Paula arrives on Wednesday—the only day in the foreseeable future that is predicted to be wet.
Little green weeds—bazillions of them—have started growing in the sections I completed firs, so I’m going to go over them again with the pitch/rake; my backyard is now a killing field until seeding time. Al weeds must die!
Today is a beauty again. It’s an excellent day for the visit of my friends. I’ve watered all the gardens and I’m ready for a nice relaxing day.
Bill is an extraordinary friend. He took a chance on me, giving me a job at his theatre during the first season (the Arts Club Theatre). I’d quit teaching, essentially turning my back on all my training, but he had faith in me. And Bruce and Caryn, who are coming here with Bill, were his vital allies; Bruce worked his entire life at the Arts Club as its musical director and Caryn is the best stage manager an actor could wish for.
To host them here, to be all together at my home, makes today one of my best yet at Pinecone Park.

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