Thursday, July 11, 2019

Light Duties

I coughed this morning but I didn’t die from the pain. There’s been healing overnight of whatever I did to myself, but God help me if I have to sneeze. I haven’t had pain like this since the 1990s.
I leave here rarely, so it’s still a surprise to me that I am mute away from home. Yesterday in Nanaimo, I could hear frustration in the voice of the receptionist as I struggled to identify myself. I should have had it ready, but I forget I become mute away from home until I have to speak.
Today it feels very good to be home. There were forty or more people in the waiting room in the clinic yesterday, and it was chaotic. People were stressed by the waiting and made their feelings obvious; I was terribly uncomfortable. The experience of 45 minutes with them, plus the accident to my back, exhausted me; I went to bed at 6:30.
I am enjoying myself today; the pain is so much better and because I can dust and do easy things today and ignore the landscaping. I even survived a sneeze. I’m taking Sheba to Drumbeg this afternoon so we experience some summer together. My landscaping has diminished our adventures this year so far.
Tomorrow I go to Victoria to meet Steve’s nephew, Gene, and his friends. I haven’t seen Gene in years, but I’ve known him all his live. He is my former sister-in-law’s eldest child and I’ve absolutely adored him (and his family) since his birth. I often sat for him so he is very special to me. He’s almost thirty now, so I’m meeting a man and not the little boy who so enraptured me.

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